Interview Magazine
‘Track of the week’
Blackbook Magazine
‘OOFJ’s symphonic and somberly fantastic album’
Impose magazine
‘frightening, gorgeous world of endless/futile possibilities’
Auxilliary Magazine
‘Release of the week…pretty fricking sweet’
‘The 10 best songs we heard this week’
‘mixture between 9 1/2 weeks and Oshima’s in the realm of senses’
Brightest young things
‘Incredibly cinematic dark mysterious orchestral amazing etc. tunes’
Under the radar
‘OOFJ strikes again’
Alt Sounds
‘Sublime electronic pop’
The 405
‘LA based wonderteam…standout single amongst an oversaturated genre’
In Your Speakers
‘a highlight of symphonic masterpiece’
MTVIGGY’s 10 favorite multinational bands
‘Katherine Mills Rymer cast as the deadliest of femme fatales’
MTVIGGY”S Artist of the week
‘Hats off to the Danish and South African duo’
Flaworvires 1o new bands to watch in 2013
‘will blow up big in 2013’
Nominated as artist of the week on MTVIGGY
‘something richer, and more haunting’
‘One of the most darkly appealing albums of the year to date’
Impose magazine single premiere
‘Ambitious is almost an understatement’
Under the radar:
‘enough atmosphere to kick start a David Lynch film’
UK mag Thisisfakediy OOFJ video launch
‘Polanski style horror’
Under the Radar mag 
‘Their brand of cinematic darkness is harder to shake off’
Los Angeles I’m yours
‘French syntheziser and Prague Symphony Orchestra’
Mixtape Muse
‘Brilliance of the simplistic…chilling fitting cinematic score’
Cast The Dice
‘Influences from Nico, techno, Twin Peaks, 20th century composers…’
Belgian blog Subursounds
‘Something great is going to happen because of OOFJ’s release.
Live Eye TV
‘Check out the seductive throb of Opal Skin’
German blog Guthoerenistwichtig
‘eine schwebende Engelsstimme, sphärische Synthies’
South African blog Musicalmover
‘ten darkly-tinted, downtempo movements of pop noir’
Portuguese blog Undenied pleasures
‘Trip-tronic extraordinária’
Australian blog Acid Stag (Vice Network)
‘Their sound is really is quite fascinating’
Mexican blog Unwntd
‘Electronic Melancholic’
Romanian blog OOFJ best songs interview
ALBUM ARTWORK: Vinyl cover and inlay poster 24*36 inches
  • Death teeth